Phil Salazar – Senior Vice President, Construction & Development

Mr. Salazar is an accomplished builder and owner representative for top tier projects, including Beitler’s 1.5 million square foot Dearborn Center development in Chicago, IL. Mr. Salazar’s background includes large national and international contractors including McClier, Schal Bovice, JA Jones Construction Co. and Morse Diesel. Foreign successes include a major 1992 Summer Olympics project in Barcelona Spain and post NAFTA pre-construction consultations in 1994 Mexico City.

Mr. Salazar’s skills span from pre-construction to close-out, in both field and office capacities. His body of project types and sizes range from $10 million to $750 million including commercial, manufacturing, healthcare, educational, renovation and mixed-use buildings. Mr. Salazar holds two technical degrees including an MBC in Construction Management from the University of Florida.

E: P: 312.768.7004