Beitler is one of the largest and most successful development firms based in Chicago and has been responsible for the development of over 10 million square feet of Class A Chicago area office space, including some of the largest and most architecturally distinguished buildings in the City and suburbs. Many of these developments sold for the highest values in the history of Chicago, providing unprecedented financial returns for investors. The Company’s office building redevelopment group has received numerous awards for successfully transforming older office buildings into financially successful showcase properties. Many of these buildings would have been lost to the wrecking ball, but instead have been saved so that their architectural beauty can be enjoyed by future generations.
With development comes financial success. Beitler  is justifiably proud of the fact that all of its projects have been completed on time and on budget. This accomplishment is magnified by the fact that no “corners are ever cut” in a Beitler developed project. Beitler buildings in Chicago are considered the “gold standard” for quality, attention to detail and technological innovation. Indeed, a Beitler developed building, 181 W. Madison, still holds the distinction of having been sold for the highest per square foot price($376 per square foot) in the City’s history…15 years after the sale.