Consulting Services

Beitler’s Consulting Services Group provides diverse services to both office tenants and property owners. For Beitler’s tenant clientele, the full range of consulting services are provided,
including market research, building tours, request for proposal drafting and delivery, preparation of analyses and comparisons of financial terms of proposals, building systems (HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing), transaction negotiations, letters of intent, drafting and negotiations, lease and transaction negotiations and multiple other, ongoing administrative

For Beitler’s property owner clientele, Beitler seeks and obtains long-term relationships with a select group of clients. Typically these clients have in-house real estate expertise but have elected to outsource work for all or significant parts of their properties. They recognize that Beitler’s consulting services help supplement their expertise and add value to their assets. They also recognize that Beitler’s detailed strategic planning and diverse background, can positively affect the profitability of their portfolio.

Whether it’s a tenant or property owner, Beitler establishes both short-term and long-term planning objectives and strategies, which ultimately meet the needs of our clients.