Investment Services

Beitler’s Investment Services Group has been successfully creating bridges of trust with our clients for over thirty years. Those relationships with life insurance companies, pension funds, institutional investors and high networth individuals have resulted in our participating in more than $10 billion of investment transactions.

The key to maintaining these relationships has been our belief and approach that every investor’s dollar must be treated as though it were our own. To successfully achieve that goal every aspect of every investment requires skillful focus and research coupled with accurate valuations, current capital market alternatives, thorough review of tax deferral options and the simple process of weighing every investment opportunity on the scale of our common sense and experience.

At Beitler, we know that not every investment opportunity meets every investor’s objective. We understand that each investor is unique and each opportunity needs to be viewed with that unique perspective in mind. After our financial analysis, as well as a review of our investor’s objectives, it may result in our recommending that the investor not make an investment. Concepts such as “highest and best use”, “creation of value” and “maximization of value” help formulate our approach in meeting our clients’ goals and objectives. Saying “no” to an investment opportunity that we believe is not in the best interest of a client is just as important as saying “yes” to one that is. For us, it’s all about trust.

The following representative samples of properties have been purchased and/or sold by members of the Beitler team:

181 West Madison, IL

131 South Dearborn, IL

411 East Wisconsin, WI

One North Dearborn, IL

One North LaSalle, IL

360 North Michigan, IL

6 North Michigan, IL

1 South Franklin, IL
(La Quinta