Tenant Representation

In the past two decades, the members of the Beitler have negotiated over 7,000 leases including the largest single office lease in a multi-tenant building in the history of Chicago
real estate. Beitler has built this reputation through not only understanding clients’ real estate objectives, but also their financial goals. We have enabled our clients to focus on their core business rather than the time consuming task of a real estate transaction.

Beitler’s Tenant representation team was created to provide integrated tenant services beginning with the design and build out of a tenant’s space and continuing through the life of a tenant’s occupancy. The three primary areas of focus include (1) pre-occupancy, (2) transition and (3) post occupancy. With 50 years of combined experience in the areas of office
systems, interior design and construction, our team can solve the most complex space needs.


Beitler’s status as a boutique brokerage firm allows it to be relationship focused, rather than simply being “all about the deal.” With Beitler, a client is guaranteed to have consistent communication with the same tenant representative throughout the entirety of the transaction.


Because Beitler has developed, owned and managed over 10 million square feet of office space, we are well known and respected for our ability to leverage the market and create competition between buildings. The results for our clients have been outstanding.

Example Client List: